Parish Council Meetings

Meetings are held in Morville Village Hall – WV16 5NB

January 8th 2024 – meeting starts at 6.30pm

March 11th 2024 – meeting starts at 6.30pm

The following meetings will all start at 7.00pm:

May 13th 2024 (Annual Council Meeting)

May 20th 2024 (Annual Parish Meeting)

June 3rd 2024 (Extraordinary Meeting)

June 24th 2024 (Extraordinary Meeting) at 7.15pm

July 8th 2024

September 9th 2024

November 11th 2024

Members of the public are encouraged to raise any issues of local concern with the Council, either via an approach to an individual councillor or The Clerk. The public are welcome to attend meetings of the Council but should note that they cannot normally participate in the meeting, although time is always allocated at the beginning of every meeting, for questions from parishioners. Where a matter is clearly of local concern, or in response to a specific request, it is our practice to temporarily suspend the formal meeting to allow members of the public to address councillors.