The Councillors are:-

Grant Brown               (Morville)

Rebecca-Lucy Brown (Morville)

Caroline Bullock     (Upton Cressett)

John Cantrill               (Morville)

Jonathan Davey    (Aston Eyre) – 07980 285170

David Gibson               (Monkhopton)

Steve McDermott        (Morville) – Chairman – 07890 525693

Lesley Moxon-Jones   (Monkhopton)

Anthony Pitchers        (Morville)

Glyn Wilkes                 (Acton Round)

Pam Yuille                   (Morville) – 07793 939291

There is a vacancy in Morville – the council is looking to co-opt a new councillor.

If you are interested, please contact the Chairman.

To view their Disclosable Pecuniary Interest forms please visit the Shropshire Council website

The above councillors remain in office until the next election, unless they::-

  • resign from office,
  • become disqualified,
  • fail to attend meetings for 6 consecutive months